Bridge Beams Set for Sample Road over I-69 Southbound (Video)

Screenshot 2017-07-22 11.58.46Yesterday, the 4 beams were set for portion of the Sample Road interchange that will go over I-69 southbound. The northbound beams will be set at a later date.

While I’m sure that watching road construction is like watching paint dry for most people, beam setting is really a pretty impressive and precision operation, involving 2 cranes.

Here is a video I made of the operation from my drone. I did my best to condense 2 hours of work into a 9 minute video:

Beam Setting at Sample Road
Click the Image for the Video


Thank you very much to INDOT and Keramida (engineering firm) for allowing me to film this operation from my drone safely. In particular, thanks to Sandra Flum, Mark Flick, and Bruce Winningham.

Here is a map that shows approximately where the beams were set:

Screenshot 2017-09-09 07.48.54
Sample Road and State Road 37 (Future I-69)

The beams were set for the bridge over the future southbound lane, which is west of the existing southbound lane. The northbound lane will become a frontage road and the current southbound lane will become the future northbound lane in this area.


MPO Meeting Today: Trail Project and Bike Bridge

Creek Crossing at the INDOT Mitigation Property
Creek Crossing at the INDOT Mitigation Property

Today’s Policy Committee meeting of the Bloomington Metropolitan Planning Organization (1:30PM, in City Council Chambers in the Showers Building) has a pretty light agenda decision-wise, but features two important active transportation/trail projects:

1. The County is asking the MPO to amend both the FY2016-2019 and FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) to add a Monroe County greenway project running along the Illinois Central railroad corridor from the existing Clear Creek Trailhead at Church Lane to an INDOT I-69 mitigation property that could be the future site of a county nature park. The mitigation property is a property where INDOT was required to plant and maintain trees to compensate for the trees it cut down for I-69.  I have spoken about this exciting project many times. The purpose of this amendment is to allow the County to spend a $200,000 Recreational Trail Program (RTP) grant it received from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to develop the trail, which will continue the existing Bloomington Rail Trail and Clear Creek Trail south. The County is putting up the value of the railroad corridor, which the County owns, as the match.

Here is a map I made of the project:

Illinois Central Corridor Greenway Phase 1
Illinois Central Corridor Greenway Phase 1

Incidentally, although I refer to it as the Illinois Central Corridor Greenway, this trail does not yet have an official name.

2. The Bloomington Bicycle Club has long advocated for a bicycle-pedestrian-only bridge over I-69. They have put out some additional information here: There are also some maps and slides in the MPO Policy Committee Packet that are definitely worth looking at!

They are asking the MPO to formally support the project in principle; however, no funding is being allocated or requested here. I definitely support moving forward on the project (i.e., doing a feasibility analysis to determine usage and costs), and will be supporting the request of the bicycle club to endorse the project.

The packet for the MPO Policy Committee meeting is here: 2017-06-09 MPO Policy Committee Packet.



The Big Bridges of I-69 (Section 4)

INDOT is still holding to a completion deadline of the end of 2015 for I-69 Section 4 (going from Crane to south of Bloomington), so I thought I’d check out for myself the status of the 3 big bridges in the southern part of the section, running along Black Ankle Road and Mineral-Kohleen Road. Managed to walk across all 3 bridges and see how close they are to completion.

Black Ankle Creek Bridge is undoubtedly the longest bridge of the segment, almost half a mile, and one of the more impressive freeway bridges I have seen.

From Black Ankle Creek Road
From Black Ankle Creek Road
Black Ankle Creek Bridge
Black Ankle Creek Bridge
Black Ankle Creek Bridge
Black Ankle Creek Bridge
Bridge decking is complete, and approaches are paved but not finished
Bridge decking is complete, and approaches are paved but not finished
My car in the distance, from the western bridge approach
My car in the distance, from the western bridge approach
Bridge nearly complete
Bridge nearly complete

Construction from the southwest (i.e., Crane) appears complete.

The bridge can be found here on the map: Black Ankle Creek Bridge

Northeast of the Black Ankle Creek Bridge, the Dry Branch Creek Bridge goes over a beautiful stretch of Dry Branch Creek.

AE0A934D-6932-4195-99BF-403F80BE93C0 760896EA-474F-4890-879D-EFB776A2BBE7 D3319D6F-6070-4976-86EF-22B228D67A0F 5E26DC31-E2A7-4CD3-B88A-29DDA03E0748 60FF6566-03CB-4474-880E-8D8A4A471DD3 00A41F76-27BD-47A5-8959-601149CF527F

It doesn’t appear that the road is paved yet between the Black Ankle Creek and the Dry Branch Creek Bridge.

The bridge can be found here on the map: Dry Branch Creek Bridge

Further northeast of the Dry Branch Creek Bridge is the Mineral-Kohleen Bridge, which crosses Plummer Creek. The road isn’t paved between Dry Branch Creek and Mineral-Kohleen. However, the road appears to be paved to the northeast of the Mineral-Kohleen bridge.

0F67AFFA-740D-4F91-902A-7D3420CCC002 C2D6E934-B82C-4925-9713-C209745D93A4 839DE454-D67C-4C8A-B2C4-1D9CDB7D9303

The bridge can be found here on the map: Mineral-Kohleen Bridge

Progress on Harmony Road Bridge on I-69

The HT published an article this morning (“INDOT confident Section 4 of I-69 will open by the end of 2015“), which probably came as a surprise to a lot of people, including myself, who have seen Section 4 (the section running from Crane up to south of Bloomington) looking pretty much like a dirt road even very recently. So I decided to stop by this morning and visit what is probably the most technically challenging part of I-69 Section 4 in Monroe County — the Harmony Road bridge — and was surprised to see how far along things were.

Although the bridge isn’t finished, the prestressed concrete structural elements are all in place, and I had no problem walking across it. The contractors are in the process of excavating what appears to be about another 30 feet of earth beneath it. And the main line of the highway to the west is already paved.

IMG_2386 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2390 IMG_2384 IMG_2385 IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2383 IMG_2375 2 IMG_2377 IMG_2378 IMG_2379  IMG_2374 2

This has been probably the most disruptive road closure in the whole project so far; I’m sure the residents will be very glad to have Harmony Road finished and open again!

Next week I’ll try to make it back down to Black Ankle Creek in Greene County, which is probably the longest bridge in the whole highway.